The most beautiful cataracts & waterfalls in Iceland.

the most beautiful cataracts & waterfalls in iceland

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With regards to delightful cascades, barely any nations on the planet can contrast and Iceland. The incessant rainfalls, the meager vegetation, and the tough volcanic scenes are ideal conditions for a scene photography. That is the reason I chose to aggregate top notch of most delightful cascades in Iceland.

On my last outing through Iceland, I understood that the vast majority center around the celebrated cascades in the South. This is a mix-up! The north of Iceland has such countless for all intents and purposes obscure cascades most sightseers never at any point knew existed (make sure to look at my rundown of the 20 best things to find in Iceland). I trust this rundown will persuade you to go an additional mile or two to find the wild side of Iceland.

1. Kirkjufellsfoss (Snaefellsnes)

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There is presumably no cascade as well known as Kirkjufellsfoss. I’d gauge that 50% of all Iceland travel guides utilize this famous cascade as a cover picture. Also, who could blame them? It’s positively perhaps the most excellent spots on the Snaefellsnes promontory.

The most effective method to arrive: Just adhere to the street 54. Kirkjufellsfoss will be just after the little town called Grundarfjörður.

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