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2 min readApr 1, 2021

We have the pardon you don’t have to eat a chocolate chip treat today. Tuesday, August fourth is National Chocolate Chip Cookie day, so you can begin dreaming and plotting about how to get your treat on. You know, to notice the occasion.

We’re satisfied to tell you that we’ve noticed a huge load of keen riffs on the work of art (for which we have a fantastic formula) while riding the web, and we have our own ginormous, delectable, remember the-frozen yogurt skillet treat, for sure. Here are the chocolate chip treats we think look especially delectable to assist you with commending this unique day.

1. S’Mores Cookies

Courtesy of Cooking Classy.

Just look at them. Have you at any point seen much else wonderful in your life than s’mores treats? We thought not. For any individual who doesn’t adore graham saltines, or discovers them too sandy or brittle, these are the form of the exemplary pit fire treat to attempt. Bring additional napkins, both on the grounds that they’re magnificently untidy and on the grounds that they’re so delicious you’re likely previously slobbering.

2. Layer Cake

Courtesy of Butternut Bakery

What’s superior to one chocolate chip treat? (Channels Cookie Monster): More chocolate chip treats! This layer cake from Butternut Bakery is a particularly tall, rich excellence. That is a customary vanilla buttercream you spy sandwiching the treat layers together. Furthermore, envision this: A cake that prepares in the time it takes to heat treats — 10 to 12 minutes! Marvelous.

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